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Visit our First-Class Dry Eye Treatment Clinic in Harrow, Middlesex

Request the services of our dry eye treatment team in Harrow, Middlesex, to effectively combat the effects of dry eyes. It’s an eye problem that many people experience, and its symptoms include mild irritation and constant discomfort. With the help of our specialists, you find a solution to this problem that often affects daily life. Choose our team for a bespoke solution. Advice and guidance is available at every step.

Stop Suffering

Affecting work, social interactions, and contact lens compatibility, dry eyes are an annoyance at best and a painful experience at worst. At its most extreme, it may cause lasting damage to the surface of the eye. The symptoms include the following:

  • Burning Sensation
  • Constant Discomfort
  • Foreign Body Sensation
  • Gritty Eyes
  • Irritation
  • Itchiness
  • Mild Irritation
  • Overly Watery Eyes 
  • Redness

The friendly team at our dry eye clinic aim to find the right individual treatment for you. Glasses are available to aid with the issue, and we also offer a trial period on our contact lenses to see if they are suitable.

A Thorough Test

Dry eye symptoms are often discussed during a standard eye test, and we also asses the surface of the eye for signs of the condition. Advice is also provided. However, assessing the tear quality and quantity in detail is beyond the scope of a standard exam. Specialist diagnostic techniques are used at our clinic to measure the tear layer in detail. This means our skilled team can provide a comprehensive assessment, which helps them find a bespoke treatment option for you. If the dry eye test does not discover the issue, we also offer an OCT exam.

Clinical Results

Consisting of two separate appointment types, the team at our dry eye clinic aim to solve your problems. Read on for further information.

Initial Appointment – One Hour 

Listening to your symptoms, our optometrist assesses your eye in detail. A questionnaire is conducted that quantifies the extent of the dryness, and tear quantity and quality is measured. Any changes are monitored. After the first appointment, appropriate dry eye products are demonstrated in order to relieve your symptoms. 

Review Appointment

In the weeks following your first assessment, we book a shorter review appointment to check that the suggested treatment is working. Your symptoms should be improving by now, and your dry eyes will soon be a thing of the past.

Contact us, in Harrow, Middlesex, for more details on our dry eye treatment clinic and eye problem diagnosis services.